Details of our Product Standards prior to shipment

When you buy plants from our Nursery you can be assured that they will surpass these minimum standards.

They will already be Sun-Hardened by being grown in near full-sun conditions (5% hail protection only) from a very early stage.
They are grown in the very best container-type for Australian Native Plants. With these containers the plants' roots are trained straight to the base via special internal ribs inside the tube. The base is an open-mesh style to enable air-pruning of the roots, which prevents root-spiralling around the base which is a major problem with any type of round pot.
Their rootsystem will have reached the bottom of the 120mm tube - we don't use height as a guide for our minimum standards due to the fact that groundcovers, dwarf species and others can grow in height at much slower rates. The vast majority of plants dispatched from the Nursery are 150+mm high, however smaller plants are still dispatched if the root system has reached these minimum standards. The plants are grown with special Native Slow-Release fertiliser, so no further plant food is needed if the receiver would like to grow them on further.
Well prepared and packaged for Shipment - all the plants are thoroughly watered before dispatch and packed in such a way as to minimise drying out during transit. The plants are packed tightly in the box to minimise any movement (sometimes this involves bending the tops of the plants over - once uppacked however, they soon return to their upright position within a few days). Boxes are clearly marked Fragile and notices are placed to ensure the box stays upright at all times during Transit.