Gift Vouchers FAQ

Our new Gift Vouchers are a great gift idea for Birthdays, Anniversaries or any celebration! Its also becoming a popular way for employers to quickly and easily reward their employees with Gift Vouchers for the purchase of beautiful Native Plants.

Conditions of use
  1. Gift Voucher must be used within 3 years of original purchase.
  2. Once the code is entered on the Cart Checkout page it must be used straight away, on the same computer.
  3. Gift Vouchers must be used for their full value as no partial refunds are possible.

How do I go about purchasing Gift Vouchers?

  1. If you haven't already, Register your Account details. If you already have an account then Log In.
  2. Then go to the dedicated Gift Voucher Purchase Page where you can easily buy any number and/or value of Gift Vouchers that you require.
  3. After payment is completed you can view your newly-purchased Gift Voucher(s) HERE where you'll find simple instructions on how to pass them on to your friends or colleagues to use.
  4. Its as easy as that!