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Native Ginger (Alpinia coerulea) $3.50

Alpinia coerulea
A great foliage plant to create that tropical feel in the garden and also makes an attractive feature around pools.The 1 metre long foliage stems bear white flowers, followed by blue globular fruits.The young growing tips of the creeping rhizomes have a distinct Ginger flavour and were used as bush tucker by Aborigines. The leaves were also used to wrap food in to be cooked.
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Bangalow Palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana) $3.50

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
Beautiful, East Coast , native palm. Tall and fast growing palm often found growing in moist gullies with rainforest tree species but is still at home in the open. Is more frost-tolerant than the North Qld species Alexandria Palm. Well worth growing for its lush, tropical appearance. Bears bright red fruits (inedible to people, but native animals love them).
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Broad Leafed Palm Lily (Cordyline petiolaris) $3.50

Cordyline petiolaris
A beautiful native understorey plant with long, broad leaves at the end of slender stems. Has a weeping habit and gives a protected, shady area a very tropical type appearance. Bears clusters of red fruits which are attractive to native birds, over a number of months. Grows to 3m high.
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Red Fruited Palm Lily (Cordyline rubra) $3.50

Cordyline rubra
Beautiful, fine-leafed Palm Lily with bluish coloured flowers and dark red fruits. All the palm lilies give a lush, jungle type appearance to any garden or understorey planting. Grows 3 to 4 metres high.
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Pink Rock Orchid (Dendrobium kingianum) $5.25

Dendrobium kingianum
A beautiful, fragrant Native Orchid of the East Coast. Grows naturally in shady forest conditions on rocky surfaces and occasionally on tree logs, but is equally at home in a pot. Flowers profusely in Spring or late Winter in shades of pink.
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