Why buy Tubestock plants and why are they better?

Native Tubestock

What are Tubestock plants?

Basically there are two types of Tubestock Plants. Smaller,shallow ones that are bought by Nurseries for potting-up into larger pots for retail sale and larger,deeper ones that are specially grown for planting straight into the field (landscaping, bush-regeneration etc). The Tubestock we sell are the larger (50mm x 120mm deep) type and are already sun-hardened. and ready to be planted straight out in the field. The plants' roots are trained straight to the base via special internal ribs inside the tube. The base is an open-mesh style to enable air-pruning of the roots, which prevents root-spiralling around the base which is a major problem with the larger, round pots found in most Retail Nurseries.

Why are ours better?

Over 20 years experience growing these types of Tubestock Plants has enabled us to produce plants that establish quicker and have higher survival rates than other plants. In stark contrast to most Retail nursery-bought plants, we grow ours in 95% sunlight using only hail-netting from day one. We also use special nutrition regimes to help promote quick establishment once planted. Due to their superior preparation they actually overtake large potted plants by the 2nd year!

Why grow Natives at all?

There are many good reasons to grow Australian Natives but mainly because they encourage, protect and feed our Native birds, insects and other wildlife. Also because we have such a vast variety of plants, which span most flowering types and growth habits. Lastly because they are generally more drought resistant than many exotic plants they are much more likely to survive climate extremes without extra watering.