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Try these hand-picked Selection Packs.

Just make a few simple choices and we'll do the rest! Ordering a Native Garden has never been easier!!

CAT-PROOF PACK - Beautiful plants that deter predatory cats by their prickly foliage.

DROUGHT-RESISTANT PACK - Plants known to withstand long periods without rain, once established.

FRAGRANT PACK - Plants chosen for the beautiful fragrance of their flowers or foliage.

FROST-RESISTANT PACK - Plants known to be resistant to frosts with temperatures down to -6C .

HEAVY-SOIL PACK - Plants for heavy soils that are difficult for other plants to grow in.

KOALA PACK - A selection of trees known to be the favourite fodder trees for Koalas.

PRIVACY-SCREENING PACK - Dense growing shrubs with a low branching habit and showy flowers.

RAINFOREST PACK - Plants for a lush, cool, shady and fire resistant garden.

ROCKERY PACK - Shrubs under 1m high and groundcovers with showy flowers for rockeries.