Shrubs - 1 to 3m high

Small to medium sized shrubs for smaller gardens, mass plantings and privacy screens.

Coastal Wattle (Acacia sophorae) $2.25

Acacia sophorae
Dense, spreading shrub which is very useful screening plant for wind exposed (coastal or mountainous) areas. Bears masses of Golden flower spikes in Spring. Grows up to 2 metres high and 3 metres wide.

Blushing Beauty (Austromyrtus Blushing Beauty) $2.95

Austromyrtus Blushing Beauty
A highly ornamental, small shrub grown for its colourful,dark burgundy new foliage.Small white flowers are alsoproduced in summer followed by small blackfruit which are bird attracting.Grows up to 1.5m.

Clarence River Baeckea (Babingtonia Clarence River) $2.95
Baeckea Clarence River

Babingtonia Clarence River
A very hardy open shrub reaching 2 m in height with fine dark green leaves and pendulous branches. Bears masses of showy, tiny white flowers during Spring. Frost tolerant and also of poor drainage

Babingtonia crassa (Babingtonia crassa) $2.95

Babingtonia crassa
A rare shrub to 2 m tall from near Wollomombi Falls with small green, fragrant, elliptic leaves and clusters of white flowers in Summer. Frost resistant.

Wallum Banksia (Banksia aemula) $3.50

Banksia aemula
A robust, heavily branched tree with thick, corky bark and large yellow / green flowers, appearing Autumn to early Winter. An excellent bird attractor. Can grow up to 3m high.

Fern Leafed Banksia (Banksia asplenifolia) $2.95

Banksia asplenifolia
A compact shrub with serrated leaves to10cm long with new growth in a rusty red - brown colour. Flowers are yellow / green & appear in Autumn & Winter. Attracts native birds. Grows 1 to 2m high.

Heath leafed Banksia (Banksia ericifolia) $2.95

Banksia ericifolia
A compact shrub with bright green foliage and large red flower-heads, which are very showy and long lasting, and appear during Winter. An excellent bird attractor. Grows up to 3m high.Frost resistant.

Broad Leafed Banksia (Banksia robur) $2.95

Banksia robur
A shrub with large, broad leaves and large flower heads which are blue / green in bud, opening to yellow / green. Tolerates heavy soils and is an excellent bird attractor. Can grow to 3m high.

Hills Banksia (Banksia spinulosa v collina) $2.95

Banksia spinulosa v collina
A compact, rounded shrub with attractive foliage and large flower heads with varying colours of gold, yellow or red. A useful screen plant, due to its dense foliage, and an excellent bird attractor.Frost resistant.

Baroondah Station Bottlebrush (Callistemon Baroondah Station) $2.95

Callistemon Baroondah Station
Medium sized shrub with fine, grey-green foliage and beautiful, pink and yellow flower-brushes in Summer. Great little bird-attractor.

Candy Pink Bottlebrush (Callistemon Candy Pink) $2.95

Callistemon Candy Pink
Light green foliage and absolutely brilliant, salmon-pink flowers in masses during warmer months. It is very cold-frost tolerant and withstands bad drainage. Great bird attractor.Frost resistant.

Captain Cook Bottlebrush (Callistemon Captain Cook) $2.95

Callistemon Captain Cook
A dense, dwarf form of Callistemon viminalis only it is a much heavier flowerer. Great bird attractor and screening plant. Flowers spring, summer and autumn. Grows to 2m high.

Crimson Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus) $2.95

Callistemon citrinus
A very dense growing and showy shrub with a very useful screening plant. Flowers are rich red bottlebrushes which appear twice a year. A great bird-attractor.

Angela Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus Angela) $2.95

Callistemon citrinus Angela
Beautiful shrub with broad, green leaves and masses of large, Pink and White flowers ranging from pink inside to white outside the flower. Flowers in Spring and Autumn. Frost resistant. Grows up to 2m high.

White Anzac Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus White Anzac) $2.95

Callistemon citrinus White Anzac
A very attractive, dense shrub to 1.5 m with oval, green leaves and large, white bottlebrush flowers particularly in Spring and Autumn. Frost resistant.

Endeavour Bottlebrush (Callistemon Endeavour) $2.95

Callistemon Endeavour
Fast growing, prolific flowering, evergreen shrub up to 3m high. Masses of large, bright-red, bird-attracting flowers occur during Spring and most of the year in more Temperate regions. Has a compact, rounded habit and new growth has a beautiful pink flush.Frost resistant.

Four Seasons Bottlebrush (Callistemon Four Seasons) $2.95

Callistemon Four Seasons
A delightful long flowering, dwarf form of Callistemon viminalis with soft green foliage and the same elegant weeping habit. Bears masses of large red bottlebrush flowers most of the year. Grows to 1.5m high and is moderately frost tolerant.

Callistemon Harkness (Callistemon Harkness) $2.95

Callistemon Harkness
Large, hardy shrub growing  to 3 m tall with dense,dark green foliage. Bears masses of huge red brushes in Spring and is one of the first bottlebrushes to flower. Frost tolerant  and heavy soil tolerant.

Hinchinbrook Bottlebrush (Callistemon Hinchinbrook) $2.95

Callistemon Hinchinbrook
Distinctive squat growing shrub with attractive broad leaves with bronze new growth - clusters of red brushes with gold anthers appear in Spring.Grows to 1.5m high.

Injune Bottlebrush (Callistemon Injune) $2.95

Callistemon Injune
A very ornamental pendulous and rounded shrub with masses of pink bottlebrush flowers, during Spring and usually Autumn,which age to white. Moderately frost tolerant.To 3m high.Frost resistant.

Lavender Showers Bottlebrush (Callistemon Lavender Showers) $2.95

Callistemon Lavender Showers
A beautiful medium sized shrub with masses of lavender pink bottlebrush flowers in Spring and Summer.Great for a screen or specimen and a great bird attracting plant. Grows up to 2 metres high.

Lilac Bottlebrush (Callistemon lilacinus) $2.95

Callistemon lilacinus
A dense, bushy, medium sized shrub with masses of pale lilac flowers. A good screen and bird attractor.

Scarlet Bottlebrush (Callistemon macropunctatus) $2.95

Callistemon macropunctatus
Rounded, medium sized shrub with large red flower spikes, with yellow-tipped anthers,to 10cm long.Flowers during Summer and Autumn.

Mary MacKillop Bottlebrush (Callistemon Mary MacKillop) $2.95

Callistemon Mary MacKillop
Very hardy and attractive shrub with dense foliage and soft, green, weeping branches. Bears masses of Cardinal Red bottlebrushes from Spring through to Autumn, at least. Moderately Frost Tolerant. Grows to 3 metres high.

Rainbow Falls Bottlebrush (Callistemon pearsonii Rainbow Falls) $2.95

Callistemon pearsonii Rainbow Falls
Beautiful, bushy little shrub growing up to 2 m high with small leaves with bronze coloured new foliage contrasting with the red bottlebrush flowers with yellow anthers in Spring. Frost resistant.