A large range of beautifully flowering, bird-attracting shrubs from knee high to roof high.

Cootamundra Wattle (Acacia baileyana) $2.95

Acacia baileyana
A fast growing and very showy wattle with fernlike, grey-green foliage and masses of golden yellow flowers in the middle of Winter. Frost resisant and grows to about 6m high.

Purple Leafed Cootamundra Wattle (Acacia baileyana purpurea) $2.95

Acacia baileyana purpurea
A fast growing and very showy wattle with fernlike, purple foliage and masses of golden yellow flowers in the middle of Winter. Frost resisant and grows to about 6m high.

Fringed Wattle (Acacia fimbriata) $2.25

Acacia fimbriata
A beautiful, very fast growing wattle with dense foliage, an attractive weeping habit and masses of bright yellow flowers in Spring. Grows 4 to 6m high.

Gossamer Wattle (Acacia floribunda) $2.25

Acacia floribunda
Large, bushy shrub with masses of cream coloured flowers in early Spring. Being so dense and fast growing, it makes an excellent, quick screen. Grows up to 6m high.

Zig Zag Wattle (Acacia macradenia) $2.25

Acacia macradenia
Large shrub with an attractive, weeping habit and unusual zig zag appearance along its branches. Used widely around Brisbane. Bears cream coloured flowers. Can grow up to 6m high.

Dwarf Fringed Wattle (Acacia perangusta) $2.25

Acacia perangusta
Good, dense screening plant with attractive weeping appearance. Leaves are narrower than A.fimbriata and it grows about half its height. Masses of ball shaped flowers appear late winter. Grows up to 4m high.

Queensland Silver Wattle (Acacia podalryfolia) $2.25

Acacia podalryfolia
A quick growing, hardy, tall shrub /small tree with silver-grey foliage and golden ball - shaped flowers in late Winter.Grows up to 6m high.

Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) $2.25

Acacia pycnantha
This beautiful little tree is Australias National Emblem. It flowers in late winter and spring, producing a mass of fragrant, fluffy, golden flowers.

Coastal Wattle (Acacia sophorae) $2.25

Acacia sophorae
Dense, spreading shrub which is very useful screening plant for wind exposed (coastal or mountainous) areas. Bears masses of Golden flower spikes in Spring. Grows up to 2 metres high and 3 metres wide.

Blushing Beauty (Austromyrtus Blushing Beauty) $2.95

Austromyrtus Blushing Beauty
A highly ornamental, small shrub grown for its colourful,dark burgundy new foliage.Small white flowers are alsoproduced in summer followed by small blackfruit which are bird attracting.Grows up to 1.5m.

Clarence River Baeckea (Babingtonia Clarence River) $2.95
Baeckea Clarence River

Babingtonia Clarence River
A very hardy open shrub reaching 2 m in height with fine dark green leaves and pendulous branches. Bears masses of showy, tiny white flowers during Spring. Frost tolerant and also of poor drainage

Babingtonia crassa (Babingtonia crassa) $2.95

Babingtonia crassa
A rare shrub to 2 m tall from near Wollomombi Falls with small green, fragrant, elliptic leaves and clusters of white flowers in Summer. Frost resistant.

Heath Myrtle (Babingtonia virgata) $2.95
Baeckea virgata

Babingtonia virgata
A fast growing and hardy shrub with attractive, glossy foliage and bearing masses of white,5 petalled flowers throughout Summer. Grows 3 to 4m high.

Dwarf Heath Myrtle (Babingtonia virgata Dwarf Form) $2.95
Baeckea virgata Dwarf Form

Babingtonia virgata Dwarf Form
A very dense and compact,dwarf form of Baeckea virgata it is a very attractive little shrub. Bears masses of small white,5-petalled flowers. Grows less than 1m high.Frost resistant.

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) $2.95

Backhousia citriodora
Very dense, low branching large shrub /small tree that bears masses of white flowers 1cm in diameter. Leaves have a very pleasant lemon fragrance. Makes a good taller screen. Grows to 6m high in full-sun.

Cinnamon Myrtle (Backhousia myrtifolia) $2.95

Backhousia myrtifolia
A small tree with bright green tear-shaped leaves and graceful weeping branches. Bears masses white flowers, with persistent green sepals during Summer.Leaves have a Cinnamon fragrance. Grows to 7m in the open.

Wallum Banksia (Banksia aemula) $3.50

Banksia aemula
A robust, heavily branched tree with thick, corky bark and large yellow / green flowers, appearing Autumn to early Winter. An excellent bird attractor. Can grow up to 3m high.

Fern Leafed Banksia (Banksia asplenifolia) $2.95

Banksia asplenifolia
A compact shrub with serrated leaves to10cm long with new growth in a rusty red - brown colour. Flowers are yellow / green & appear in Autumn & Winter. Attracts native birds. Grows 1 to 2m high.

Heath leafed Banksia (Banksia ericifolia) $2.95

Banksia ericifolia
A compact shrub with bright green foliage and large red flower-heads, which are very showy and long lasting, and appear during Winter. An excellent bird attractor. Grows up to 3m high.Frost resistant.

Honeysuckle Banksia (Banksia integrifolia) $2.95

Banksia integrifolia
A well shaped, small tree with attractive foliage (dark green on top, silvery white underneath) and yellow flowers appearing from late Summer to Winter. A good bird attractor. Can grow up to 8m high.Frost resistant.

Broad Leafed Banksia (Banksia robur) $2.95

Banksia robur
A shrub with large, broad leaves and large flower heads which are blue / green in bud, opening to yellow / green. Tolerates heavy soils and is an excellent bird attractor. Can grow to 3m high.

Hills Banksia (Banksia spinulosa v collina) $2.95

Banksia spinulosa v collina
A compact, rounded shrub with attractive foliage and large flower heads with varying colours of gold, yellow or red. A useful screen plant, due to its dense foliage, and an excellent bird attractor.Frost resistant.

Giant Candles (Banksia spinulosa x ericifolia) $2.95

Banksia spinulosa x ericifolia
A very hardy and vigorous Banksia hybrid with massive orange / red flowers up to 40cm long. Terrific bird attractor and a magnificent specimen plant that grows up to 4m high.Frost resistant.

Tassie Princess (Bauera rubioides Tassie Princess) $2.95

Bauera rubioides Tassie Princess
Compact shrub growing to 1 metre high with dark green foliage and deep pink bell type flowers during Winter and Spring. Frost resistant.

Boronia keysii (Boronia keysii) $2.95

Boronia keysii
One of the easiest Boronias to grow. Is an endangered plant in its natural environment. Very fragrant foliage and bright pink flowers make this an attractive addition to any garden.Grows to 1m high.