Beautiful flowering plants that deter predatory cats by their prickly foliage. This allows small native birds to nest in peace.

Grevillea Boongalla Spinebill (Grevillea Boongalla Spinebill) $3.50

Grevillea Boongalla Spinebill
Dense and spectacular sprawling shrub with beautiful, deeply divided leaves and large, deep red tooth-brush type flowers most of the year. Great for covering steep banks.Grows under 1m high and sprawls to 2m+ in diameter.Frost resistant.

Grevillea paniculata Groundcover (Grevillea paniculata) $2.95

Grevillea paniculata
Ground-cover form with white flowers in winter and spring. Flowers have a strong cinnamon fragrance.Slightly prickly foliage makes it a great shelter from predatory cats for birds and wild-life.

Amethyst Grevillea (Grevillea Amethyst) $2.95

Grevillea Amethyst
A very ,attractive, bushy, shrub which bears masses of mauve flower clusters most of the year. Has fine,dark-green foliage.Grows to 1.5m high.Frost resistant.

Grevillea Canberra Gem (Grevillea Canberra Gem) $2.95

Grevillea Canberra Gem
A spreading, medium sized shrub with prickly, narrow foliage.Bears masses of Pinkish-red flowers.Excellent for screens and is a great bird-attractor.Its prickly foliage protects nesting birds from cats .Grows to 3m high.Frost resistant.

Grevillea Clearview David (Grevillea Clearview David) $2.95

Grevillea Clearview David
A vigorous,rounded shrub with masses of showy,rose-red flowers most of the year.Its dense foliage and slightly prickly foliage makes it a safe nesting site for birds.Can also be pruned into a formal hedge, if need be.Grows to 2.5m high.Frost resistant.

Grevillea Pink Pearl (Grevillea Pink Pearl) $2.95

Grevillea Pink Pearl
Dense shrub with deep green fine foliage which contrasts with the masses of deep-pink, spider-type flowers produced from Winter through to Spring/Summer.Frost Resistant. Grows to 3m high.

Grevillea Scarlet Sprite (Grevillea Scarlet Sprite) $2.95

Grevillea Scarlet Sprite
A terrific little shrub with very fine foliage and strongly contrasting, brilliant scarlet coloured flowers.Grows to 1m high.Frost resistant.

Grevillea Shirley Howie (Grevillea Shirley Howie) $2.95

Grevillea Shirley Howie
Beautiful,small shrub withdark green narrow leaves and deep pink spider flowers for most of the year.Grows to 1.5m high.Frost resistant.

Grevillea White Wings (Grevillea White Wings) $2.95

Grevillea White Wings
Vigorous and hardy shrub growing up to 3 m high. Prickly lime green divided leaves and delicately perfumed white flowers in Spring. Frost hardy.

Ricinocarpus Bridal Star (Ricinocarpus Bridal Star) $2.95

Ricinocarpus Bridal Star
Showy upright shrub growing to 3 m high with bright green soft needle like foliage and masses of starry white flowers in Spring and Summer. Frost resistant.